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EU Exit Guidance - Plant and Tree Health

To help you determine what action you may need to take to prepare for a potential ‘no deal’, we have prepared the following additional guidance.

Stakeholder packs

The following packs break down our guidance into simple steps, providing additional explanation and detail:

EU Businesses2   Importer and Exporters   Freight   Ports
EU Business
Importers & Exporters


Our flow diagrams will help you to determine which changes will impact you and who to contact for more information:

Importer and Exporters2    Wood and Wood Products Flowchart Header   Wood and Wood Products Flowchart NI Header   FRM Flowchart Header3
Plants flow diagram
Wood and wood
products and isolated
Wood and wood
products and isolated
bark NI
Forestry Reproductive
material diagram

Specific scenarios have been developed which apply to the changes and demonstrate how they will work on day 1:  

APHA Scenarios   Wood and Wood Products
APHA Scenarios
FC Scenarios


The Forestry Commission have also developed a newsletter which outlines changes to importing wood and wood products if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.       

If you have questions about any of the material on this page, please consult the FAQ document for further information, if your question has still not been answered you can get in touch with us by emailing: quoting 'plant imports and exports' in your email subject line.