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Add a user

Please follow the steps to add a user to your business or organisation on the Plant Health Exports Service (PHES)


Step 1: Administrator: Add a user  

1. Enter your Government Gateway ID and password at

2. From the dashboard, click the ‘Manage account’ hyperlink (top right).

3. Click the ‘Access your DEFRA account’ hyperlink (bottom left).

4. Click the hyperlink ‘Manage’ in the Your accounts section (bottom right).

5. Under Manage team access, click the hyperlink ‘Add a team member’ (bottom left).       

6. Enter your new team member’s email address and click ‘Continue’. 

7. The new user will now get an mail invitation. Click ‘Done’ or ‘Add a team member’ to invite others.

Step 2: New user: complete registration

8. The new user will receive an email.  They should click the hyperlink ‘Start your secure registration process on GOV.UK’. 

9. The new user should click ‘Create sign in details’.

10. The new user should enter their email address and then click ‘Continue’.

11. The new user should enter the code which has been emailed to them and click ‘Continue’.

12. The email address is confirmed, the new user should click ‘Continue’.  

13. The new user should enter their full name and click ‘Continue’.  

14. The new user should create a password and click ‘Continue’. 

15. To set up recovery details, the new user should click ‘Continue’.

16. The new user should enter a recovery word and click ‘Continue’.  

17. The new user’s Government Gateway ID has been created, click ‘Continue’. 

18. The new user should tick to confirm their use of their Defra account and click ‘Continue’.  

19. The new user should click in the relevant hyperlink and enter their name, contact details and security word, then click ‘Check your answers’. 

20. The new user should check the information, amend if required, tick ‘I am not a robot’ then click ‘Continue’.

21. The new user receives a registration complete message, click ‘Complete’.   

22. The new user can now access their Defra Account – but has no access to services as yet. 

Step 3: Administrator: assign role & service to new user

23. The administrator now receives a confirmation email, click ‘Give this person access to use online services’ in the email.

24. Click ‘Give account access’.   

25. Select if you want the new user to have admin responsibility, then click ‘Continue’.    

26. Account access has been granted, click ‘Continue’.

27. The new user now needs service access, click ‘Give service access’.

28. Select the service you want the new user to (select ‘Apply for a Phytosanitary Certificate’) and click ‘Continue’.

29. Select the role you wish the new user to have (Plant Health Exporter) and click ‘Continue’. 

30. The new user’s access has been granted. Click ‘Continue’. 

31. The new user will get an email confirming their access.  They can click the link and sign in from there.      

32. You can remove or amend the user, account role, or service role for your new users at any time via ‘Manage account’ (via the dashboard).


Step 4: View other users’ applications  

33. From your dashboard, you can now view any applications made by other users within your organisation.  Click ‘Show Filters’.

34. In ‘Filter by user’, select ‘Someone else’, then either ‘all users’ (which will show all applications made by everyone within your organisation), or select by name and then click ‘Apply filter’.

35. You will now see an extra ‘Created by’ column on the search results displayed on the dashboard which shows who made the application.