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Add an agent

Please follow the steps to add an agent to your business or organisation on the Plant Health Exports Service (PHES)


Step 1: Agent: Register for PHES as an agent

1. The Agent must register on PHES and give you their agent code. 


Step 2: Administrator: Add an agent 

2. Enter your Government Gateway ID and password at

3. From the dashboard, click the ‘Manage account’ hyperlink (top right).

4. Click the ‘Use the delegation of authority service to manage your business partnerships’ hyperlink. 

5. Tick ‘I want to authorise an agent to act for my business’, then click ‘Save and continue’.

6. Tick to confirm you have read and understood the statement regarding agents, then click ‘Save’.         

7. Click ‘Add an agent’.  

8. Enter the code given to you by your agent, then click ‘Save and continue’.    

9. Tick to confirm this is the correct agent and that you have read the statement, then click ‘Save and continue’.

10. Click the + next to ‘Apply for a phytosanitary certificate’. 

11. This opens the permissions for the agent. 

12. Click to change the toggle permissions, and you can see the permissions are granted. Click ‘Finish’.

13. Your agent is added.  You can amend their permissions or remove them via the hyperlinks to the left of their name.  Click ‘Add an agent’ to add more agents.  Click ‘Back to service (top line) to return to your dashboard.  The agent can now make applications on your organisation’s behalf.