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Agent registration

Please follow the steps to register as an agent on the Plant Health Exports Service (PHES)


Step 1: Agent: Register for PHES as an agent

1. Go to This will take you to the Government Gateway sign in page, click ‘Create sign in details’. 

2. Enter the email address you want associated with your Government Gateway account and click ‘Continue’.

3. You will receive a 6-digit code to your email address. Enter the 6-digit code to confirm your email address and click ‘Continue’.

4. Your email address will be confirmed, click ‘Continue’.

5. Enter your full name and click ‘Continue’.

6. Create a password and click ‘Continue’.

7. You need to set up a recovery word so that you can get back into Government Gateway if you forget your password. Click ‘Continue’.

8. Enter a recovery word and click ‘Continue’.

9. You have now created a Government Gateway Account. This 12-digit ID and password is to be used each time you log into your account.  Please remember to make a note of your Government Gateway ID and password.  Click ‘Continue’. 

10. Please read the privacy notice detailing how we process and store your data and agree to the terms and conditions. Click ‘Continue’.

11. Choose the business or organisation radio button, click ‘Continue’.

12. Choose where the business or organisation is registered to trade, select the UK radio button and click ‘Continue’. 

13. If your business or organisation is registered with Companies House, select yes, and click ‘Continue’.  If your organisation is not registered with Companies House, choose no and click ‘Continue’, then go to step 17 to complete the sole trader journey.

14. Enter your Companies House number and click ‘Continue’.

15. Confirm the Companies House registered address is correct, if correct select ‘Continue’.  If no address is returned, enter the post code in the look up table.

16. Enter the main contact details for the business or organisation, select ‘Continue’, and follow from step 19.

17. Select Sole Trader and click ‘Continue’.

18. Enter your name and click ‘Continue’.

19. Scroll down to Section 2. 

20. Click on the hyperlinks in turn to enter your name, contact details and security word and click ‘Continue’ after each, then click ‘Check your answers’.

21. Check your answers and click ‘Change’ to amend anything if required.

22. At the bottom of the page, tick ‘I am not a robot’ and then click ‘Continue’.

23. Your registration is complete, and you can now see your PHES dashboard.

24. Click the hyperlink ‘Use the delegation of authority service to manage your business partnerships’.

25. Tick ‘I am an agent who wants authority to act on behalf of other businesses’ then click ‘Save and continue’.

26. Tick to confirm you will act as an agent, then click ‘Save and continue’.  

27. The next page which appears shows your organisation, scroll down. 

28. Your agent code is displayed.  Give your 10-digit code to any organisations who would like you to act as their agent.  Companies who have given permission will be listed at the bottom of the page.  You can choose to automatically accept delegation requests or not using the slider shown. 



Step 2: Agent: Make an application   

29. When the Exporter organisation has entered your code and added you as an agent, you will be able to select which organisation you use when applying.

30. To make an application as an agent, select the correct exporter organisation from the ‘Choose your organisation’ dropdown then ‘Save and continue’. 

31. Click ‘Back’ from the ‘Manage account’ screen.

32. You are now back to your dashboard and can apply for phytosanitary certificates from here.

33. Ensure you select the correct organisation before starting an application – this is especially important if you act as an agent on behalf of several different organisations. Refer to the appropriate guide for details of how to complete an application.