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Amend a used farm machinery application

Please follow the steps to amend an already submitted used farm machinery phytosanitary certificate application on the Plant Health Exports Service (PHES):


Step 1: Log into your Government Gateway Account

  1. Enter your Government Gateway ID and password at


Step 2: Locate Application   

2. From the dashboard, locate the application you wish to amend.  Note you cannot amend a re-forwarding application. 

3. Click on the application reference hyperlink to open.  Click the hyperlink ‘Update this application’.


Step 3: Update Application

4. The ‘Update your answers’ page opens.  Anything with a ‘Change’ hyperlink to the right can be amended.  Scroll down to locate the item(s) you wish to change or delete.

5. You can amend the application reference, inspection contact details and date, value, point of entry and method of transport or consignee details.  You can upload supporting documents, delete a consignment but not amend or add a consignment.    

6. When you have made your amendments, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Continue’.

7. The date you need the certificate is retained from your original application.  Amend if required, then click ‘Continue’.

8. Tick the exporter declaration then click ‘Submit application’.

9. Your amended application has been successfully submitted.

10. N.B. If amending an application with the status of ‘Preparing phyto’ (i.e., post inspection) you can only amend certain fields.

11. You can amend the internal application reference, and upload further supporting documents only.