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Plants IT Systems update – next steps and timelines to go-live

Plants IT Systems update – next steps and timelines to go-live

19 March 2021

You may have seen that the Government last week announced a revised timetable for the introduction of the next stage of UK import requirements.

We want to use this opportunity to enable you to register, familiarise yourself with and start using the new services in plenty of time before the introduction of further notifications and checks. For this reason, this revision in Government timetable will not impact the schedule for development, delivery and phased transition to the new import and export systems later this year.

Expected timeframes for the phased introduction of the exports and imports systems are set out below:


  • Private beta* for plants including product & produce will commence in April 2021​.
  • New trade and existing users of eDomero will be invited to register and use the service, for used agricultural farm machinery and plants including product and produce from May 2021​.
  • Additional commodities (i.e. Grain, Bulbs, Seeds & Potatoes) and remaining traders will be transitioned to the new service during Summer and Autumn 2021.


  • Transition to the live service will begin in May 2021 – a small number of traders will be invited to take part in the first phase of go-live with further traders added throughout this period by invitation.
  • New trade and all other existing PEACH users will be invited to register and use the IPAFFS service from June 2021​.


You should continue to use PEACH and eDomero until directed to register for and use the new services. Further guidance and support will be offered before, during, and after the transition.

Please contact the project team if you have any further questions. 

* Private beta is a phase of development where a small group of users are given access to use the system, while its still in development, in order to provide feedback and make improvements before it is more widely available publicly.