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Consultation Summary: Aculus sp. nov

A consultation took place in April 2018 about the proposed release of a non-native biological control agent for the control Crassula helmsii.

C. helmsii is native to Australia and New Zealand and was first introduced to the UK in 1911. It has since spread across the UK and produces dense mats on slow moving water bodies. This can have an adverse impact on recreation, water treatment and may reduce biodiversity. An alternate solution to control C. helmsii was to identify a suitable biological control method with Aculus sp. nov being identified as a potential solution. A risk assessment was produced by the Centre of Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) which was reviewed by Defra and externally by the Advisory committee on Releases to the Environment and other agencies.

Following the consultation a summary of responses has been published to questions raised in the consultation.

The published consultation responses can be found here.