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Direct Entry into TRACES NT – EU Exports

Direct Entry into TRACES NT – EU Exports

(Email sent: 20/08/2021)

Update on how phytosanitary information required to facilitate the export of regulated plants and plant products will be provided to the EU.


The current EU COVID easements, which allow for scanned copies of Phytosanitary Certificates (PCs) to accompany consignments of regulated plants and plant products to the EU, will end on 31 August. This means that any consignment arriving in the EU after this date can now have the information submitted electronically through the EU’s TRACES NT platform

From 1 September, Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) will be submitting the information electronically based upon the export application submitted by GB exporters. This will help to maintain the flow of goods between GB and the EU and will provide almost instantaneous secure transmission of data, allowing importers in the EU time to submit pre-notifications in advance of the goods’ arrival. 

For GB exporters there is no need to change any of your current processes, other than to ensure that the information included in export applications is submitted correctly. 

Further information is available here on the process as well as answers to frequently asked questions.