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Fees for Import Inspections of Plants for Planting

Flat rate fees were introduced on 22 July 2022 for physical and identity checks on imported plants for planting (excluding bulbs and seeds).


We have become aware of a technical issue with the application of charges for plant health import checks on plants for planting. There have been cases where flat rate fees have been charged incorrectly, with multiple fees applied when consignments consist of mixed ‘categories’ of plants for planting.


We have now taken steps to ensure all flat rate fees are applied correctly going forward.


We are issuing credit notes for incorrect charges to all affected importers. If you have received a credit note from SSCL (Shared Services Connected Limited) advising you to visit this page, the credit note was issued because we identified you had been incorrectly charged, due to the issue described above.


You do not need to contact us, but please contact SSCL on and ask them to either refund the credit or apply it to another invoice in your account.


If you require further support contact us via, however please note, any queries regarding the allocation of your credit must be directed to SSCL.


Apologies for the confusion that this has caused.