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Export of Ware Potatoes

Export and movement of ware potatoes to the EU and Northern Ireland  immediately after lifting

In order to comply with the EU's import requirements and enable the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) to issue an export phytosanitary certificate for ware potatoes that are exported immediately after they are lifted, a representative sample of the consignment must be officially inspected by APHA before the export. For potatoes immediately after lifting, the first load cannot be taken as being representative of subsequent ones as a number of factors (such as soil type, weather, machinery set up) can vary during lifting.  These could affect the amount of soil lifted with the tubers, for which there is a specific tolerance (maximum of 1% by net weight).  Exporters may wish to schedule lifting and transport to enable multiple consignments to be inspected during one visit by APHA inspectors.

Inspectors will not be issuing phytosanitary certificates on site. For exports to Ireland/Northern Ireland scanned phytosanitary certificates will be emailed to exporters, with the original posted to the importer shortly after. The original PC must be supplied to DAERA or DAFM as soon as possible. For all other destinations within the EU, a TRACES NT entry will be made by APHA on your behalf  Direct Entry into TRACES NT – EU Exports - UK Plant Health Information Portal (  Exporters, whose certificates are issued on TRACES NT or centrally by APHA should allow five hours (within the period 8 am to 7 pm) after inspection for completion of export certification.