BETA Your feedback will help us improve the UK Plant Health Information Portal

Updated plant health portal search function now live

The UK Plant Health Portal gives access to a wide range of information about plant health from both Government and non-Government sources, including the data used to assess pest and disease threats. The site has been launched in beta form: we would welcome your feedback on both content and format to help inform further development of the site.

Feedback to date has focussed on suggestions to improve the search function, in particular to ensure the closest match to the search terms is returned first in the list of results. Whilst improvements to the search function was something that featured in our planned developments, it is useful to get such feedback as it helps us to identify users development priorities.

A new search function has now been released to the live version of the portal which aims to address previous issues. Entering the name of a pest or a plant in the search field directs the user to a results page with links to all of the information on a pest (e.g Xylella fastidiosa) or a plant (e.g. Cistus) that is held on the portal. Results displayed are prioritised with the link to the pest entry on the UK Plant Health Risk Register receiving the highest priority. 

A new function has also been released which allows the user to browse for information held on a particular plant by image. Initially we have introduced this feature for a number of plants which we regularly receive requests for information on.            

Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback so far, please continue to do so by emailing any comments you have to

Added: 10 January 2018