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BCP Locations and Map

BCP locations and map


Map of Border Control Post (BCP), Control Point (CP) and Inspection Centre (IC) locations

Including sites pending designation - see below for more details:

map 4

Please follow the link to view on Google Maps: 

BCP, CP, and IC Locations for Plants – Google My Maps

Find the full list of addresses of BCPs and Inspection Centre locations on Gov.uk.

Approved BCP locations

BCP locations are colour green on the map.

List of Inspection Centre (IC) locations

Inspection centres are indicated in orange on the map.

Approved CP locations

Approved control point locations are shown in blue on the map.

Pending designation*

BCPs, CPs and ICs that have requested designation to inspect plants and plant products are shown on the map in purple

Please note the operating hours stated on the map are port opening hours and might not reflect the operating hours of BCP, CP and IC. 

*This map provides information on those sites which are anticipated as potentially being designated Border Control Posts (BCP), Control Points (CP) and Inspection Centres (ICs) across GB subject to the completion of the process for designation. It should be noted that inclusion on this map does not mean that these ports will be designated.  
Whilst this will enable you to start planning your routes for imports of plants and plant products, we stress that no commercial decision or other form of reliance should be taken using these details until designation is fully confirmed. Any plans made are entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for reliance on the map.  

Please note that the map is being constantly added to and reviewed. We are signposting only to this information and requests for further detail must be directed to the relevant Port Health Authority (PHA). Defra is unable to respond to questions in respect of designation until the process is complete. PHAs have been advised that this information is being shared.