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About the UK Plant Health Information Portal

New Plant Biosecurity Strategy Launched

  • The Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain (2023-2028) sets out the joint approach that Defra, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and the Forestry Commission will take to plant biosecurity for the next five years. 
  • The strategy replaces the existing strategy published in 2014 and builds on the work in the 25-year Environment Plan chapter around enhancing biosecurity.  

The strategy has been developed in partnership with the Scottish and Welsh Governments, the Forestry Commission, and APHA.  

  • It also has input from many of our key stakeholders (including industry, landowners, NGOs, the scientific community and the wider public), recognising that government cannot act alone.  
  • We all have a collective responsibility to work together to protect our plants and trees.  
  • The strategy sets out our key commitments from both the Government and the sector and our plans for the next five years for how we will work together to protect plant biosecurity in Great Britain.  

As @PlantChief Nicola Spence explains, The Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain will secure national biosecurity, protect native species and drive economic growth.

As Alan Titchmarsh explains, we need to protect our plants for future generations.

Our Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain will:

  • secure plant health
  • safeguard food security
  • drive economic growth

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Report a pest or disease


There are many pests and diseases that can seriously damage crops and plants in the UK. Assessing and understanding these threats is essential to informing the actions needed to protect plant health set out in Protecting Plant Health - A Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain.

As the Strategy makes clear, tackling threats to plant health is not just a matter for government; success is dependent on partnership working between all those with a role to play. To this end the Portal is a shared resource providing information about plant pests and diseases, including the assessments of risk undertaken by government and the data underpinning those assessments, with links to other sites of interest, including non-government sites, as well as information on the plant health controls and services provided by government.


From 4th April 2023, the UK Plant Health Risk Register will only be available at the address below. Please update any bookmarks or links to use

UK Plant Health Risk Register


Recorded pests

The UK Plant Health Risk Register records and rates risks to UK crops, trees, gardens and ecosystems from plant pests and pathogens.

Visit the UK Plant Health Risk Register

Citizen Science

Initiatives providing opportunities for members of the public to get involved in helping combat threats to plant health. How you can help tackle plant health risks.

Find out more about Citizen Science initiatives.



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