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IT Systems

Plant Health IT Services

Defra and APHA have been working to develop and deliver new IT systems to replace PEACH and eDomero for the import and export of plants and plant products.   

Plant Health Export Service (PHES)  

Exporters of used farm machinery, grain, plants, plant products and plant produce can now register for the new Plant Health Export Service.

If you export potatoes, seeds, or bulbs you should continue to use eDomero for now, we’ll let you know when you can move to PHES.  

If you require an HMI Certificate of Conformity you should continue to use PEACH, we’ll let you know when you can move to PHES.

If you export any of the 10 Specific Marketing Standards (SMS) regulated commodities you should continue to use PEACH for now, we will let you know when you can move to PHES.

Guidance on how to register and raise an application is available here.


Import of products, animals, food and feed system (IPAFFS)  

If you are importing ‘regulated and notifiable’ plants and plant products from the EU (excluding Ireland), Liechtenstein and Switzerland to GB after 1 January 2022, you will need to pre-notify them. If you are new to the process of pre-notifying your goods, please register for and use IPAFFS.

If you are currently using PEACH for EU pre-notifications, please continue to do so until directed to move to IPAFFS. 

IPAFFS will be available to all plant importers on a phased basis from early 2022.   



For more information:

If you have questions or want to know more, please speak to your local plant health and seeds inspector, or contact the Defra IT Systems project team [].  





  • If you are currently using PEACH to pre-notify imports of plants and plant products, you should continue using that system from 1 Jan 2022. You will be directed to transfer from PEACH to the IPAFFS service during 2022.
  • If you are new to making pre-notifications and not currently registered on PEACH, you should register for and use IPAFFS to complete your pre-notifications of ‘regulated and notifiable’ goods from 1 Jan 2022.
  • Traders who are currently using IPAFFS as part of our early adopter phase will continue to use IPAFFS for existing goods in scope plus those requiring pre-notification from 1 Jan 2022.
  • From 23 December 2021, IPAFFS will accept notifications of EU goods newly requiring pre-notification from 1 Jan 2022.
  • Whether notifying through PEACH or IPAFFS, the notification journey is the same as that which applies now to imports of regulated plants and plant products from non-EU countries and high-priority plants from the EU. There is no simplified notification route as there is temporarily for animal products.



Legacy services (PEACH and eDomero): 

Find out more information on eDomero here.

Get to know PEACH fully with the user guide, and these step-by-step videos.