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How to Locate Commodity Codes

IPAFFS - How to locate commodity codes

If you are having trouble locating the correct commodity code within the tree in the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS), please download the excel spreadsheet (link below) and search for your commodity using the first tab named 'Search here'.

Click to download the reference data spreadsheet.


If you are unable to locate your commodity code, we suggest you use the Trade Tariff and EPPO websites to search for the commodity code.

Links to videos on how to carry out the following can be found below:


If you are still unable to locate your code in IPAFFS - please send an email with the subject 'IPAFFS – missing commodity code' stating:

  • the name of the commodity
  • genus and species
  • any other relevant supporting information e.g., if you have found a suitable code on the Trade Tariff website that reflects the commodity.
  • confirm you have used the tools on this webpage and still cannot find the codes The email address to send this information to is:

On receipt of your email, the team will raise a request on your behalf. Once the code has been added to IPAFFS and is available for you to select; you will receive an email.

You can also call APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) - details can be found on this webpage under 'Plant and seed imports'.