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BETA Your feedback will help us improve the UK Plant Health Information Portal

IPAFFS for Plants Guidance

IPAFFS for Plants Guidance

Below are some quick links for written and video guides to help you make applications and navigate the IPAFFS system

Written guides

Video guides

Please see our training video for a complete overview of raising a pre-notification on IPAFFS.  The video also contains an overview of the IPAFFS Dashboard, an explanation of consignment statuses and guidance on how to add agents to represent traders.  If you still have further questions after consulting the material, please get in touch with us at defra-spsit-plant_comms_enquiries@defra.gov.uk

Please note: This video shows the process and options to find a commodity code to be inputted into the CHEDD-PP application. The two websites referred to in the video are the Gov.uk trade tariff page and the EPPO global database (EPPO look up requires registration with an email address).

There are 3 ways to use the commodity code tree in IPAFFS.

You can search the tree on it's own, or you can narrow down your search by entering information relating to the Genus & Species or Commodity Code of the commodity you are trying to add to your pre-notification.

Please refer to our training video between minutes 8:00 and 10:30 for an overview of this process.

You can locate commodity codes by using the Trade Tariff website.

You can search by the English or Latin name for the commodity and the site will present you with all related commodity codes in numerical order.

You can use the EPPO database to find information out about your commodities.

If you are trying to find out the EPPO code of a commodity, you will need to know in part, or the full English, or Latin name of the good you are searching for.  You can use the search bar at the top of the site.

After an initial search, you will see the below screen.  You can also use the Advanced Search to filter fields such as the type of organism and the language you want the answers in. 

Please refer to the EPPO user guide if you have any additional questions.

Please refer to our IPAFFS Training video for step-by-step guidance on how to raise a pre-notification.

The relevant section of the video is 8:00 - 27:30.


For an IPAFFS frequently asked questions document and further information on locating commodity codes, check out the main IPAFFS page.