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HMRC customs declaration codes for Peach

HMRC customs declaration codes for PEACH

As there is a dependency on the Defra pre-notification used i.e. PEACH or IPAFFs, as to the type of data matching carried out by ALVS, to ensure ALVS applies the correct data matching rules, the format for the document identifier in DE 2/3 (Documents produced, certificates and authorisation) on the customs declaration for PEACH users should be as follows;

  • Defra Pre-notification submitted on PEACH

For Doc code N002 (conformity certificate), the document identifier should be GBCON.

For Doc code N851 (phytosanitary certificate), the document identifier should be GBPHC.

ALVS will apply DUCR style data matching if the licence type entered in the document identifier is CON or PHC.

  • Providing additional document codes in DE 2/3 that are not required by the CDS Tariff system:

CDS Tariff validation will accept any additional document codes provided by the trade so long as the documentary requirements for any ‘all countries’ Prohibition and Restriction measures that exist for the commodity code have been satisfied. This means that any ALVS document codes that have been declared in DE 2/3 that were not required by Tariff will be passed to ALVS and cause an X00 ‘no match’ message being generated if there is no supporting Defra pre-notification for the product type. 

As an example, there is no requirement for N851 (Phytosanitary Control) within the Customs declaration for Green Bananas (Commodity Code 08039010 00) or for Fresh Lemons ((Commodity code 08055010 10).  The only requirement is an N002 (Certificate of Conformity) as per the Online Trade Tariff  as follows; https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/commodities/0803901000https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/commodities/0805501010