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PEACH Imported Plant Material Spreadsheet Instructions

Instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet to record details of imported plant material for uploading on to the PEACH system


1. In column B, called Genus, enter the genera in alphabetical order. Hygrophila polysperma is used in the example below. To search for the genus, enter the first 2 to 3 letter in the B1 field: 


Select the required genus from the drop down list:


2. Once the genus has been selected the species can be chosen from the drop down list in column B.


NOTE: there may be some genera and/or species which are not available in the dropdown lists, in these cases please enter the botanical name as free-text. The csv file will be accepted by the system, and any free-text entries will be verified by an inspector when the application is processed. 

3. Enter the number of items for each species in column C. 

4. Enter the net weight (as a figure only, i.e. without a ‘kg’ suffix) and the last 5 digits of any of the phytos (if more than one) in the appropriate fields (highliged yellow) in column A

NOTE: you can enter ‘zero’ value quantities in the spreadsheet. This can be useful if you bring in the same broad range of genera/species but of varying volumes, i.e. you can list all of the plants you import, save the template, then simply amend the quantities for each consignment, setting those to zero which are not included in that particular consignment, to save re-entering the genera/species data each time.

5. Once completed, save the spreadsheet - the name for the file is automatically generated to include the weight and phyto number.

6. Click on the 78 button to create a CSV file.


7. This is now ready to load on to the PEACH system with the other documents required for an import application.