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Unregulated Plants

Unregulated Plants List

These unregulated plants and plant products do not need to go through any plant health controls:

  • pineapple (fruits of Ananas comosus)
  • kiwi (fruits of Actinidia spp. Lindl)
  • coconut (fruits of Cocos nucifera L)
  • citrus (fruit and leaves of Citrus spp. L.)
  • kumquat (fruit of Fortunella spp. Swingle)
  • bitter orange (fruit of Poncirus L. Raf)
  • persimmon (fruit of Diospyros spp. L.)
  • durian (fruits of Durio zibethinus Murray)
  • cotton (bolls) (fruits (bolls) of Gossypium spp.)
  • curry leaves (leaves of Murraya spp.)
  • banana and plantain (fruits of Musa spp.)
  • mango (fruits of Mangifera spp. L.)
  • dates (fruits of Phoenix dactylifera L.)
  • passionfruit (fruits of Passiflora spp. L)
  • guava (fruits of Psidium spp.)
  • any fruit and vegetables that are processed and packaged (for example, soups, salads, sandwiches, frozen material)
  • composite products (for example, nut or seed butters that contain processed fruit or vegetables)