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BETA Your feedback will help us improve the UK Plant Health Information Portal

The Northern Ireland Plant Health Label

In February 2023 the Windsor Framework was agreed by the UK Government and EU. The commercial movement of: 

 were negotiated as components of the agreement. 

The Northern Ireland Plant Health Label (NIPHL) scheme provides growers and traders the option to move plant products and other goods described above, from GB to NI without requiring a Phytosanitary Certificate. It will require the registration and authorisation of GB operators to issue and/or attach a NIPHL to the goods outlined above moving from GB to NI. 

The NIPHL scheme is based on the current UK plant passport regime which is  recognised as a robust plant health control measure built on the two pillars of traceability and assurance. The NIPHL document not only provides a record of traceability but attests the goods the NIPHL is attached to meet the NI Phytosanitary requirements outlined in Regulation (EU) 2023/1231. 

Additional guidance regarding NIPHL can be found here. 


The aim of the scheme is to allow for the movements of some previously prohibited goods like seed potatoes, but also to remove burdensome costs related to the use of phytosanitary certificates for the movement of plants for planting and other objects into NI. Additional requirements do need to be fulfilled to ensure that NI’s biosecurity status is protected 

  • The movement of goods is between an authorised professional operator in Great Britain and a registered professional operator in Northern Ireland. 

  • Must meet requirements outlined in EU Regulation 2023/2131 

  • Pre-notification 

  • Record keeping 

  • NIPHL only valid for movement between GB and NI not internally or within NI 

  • Goods moving to NI under a NIPHL must remain in the UK 

Marketing regulations are not affected by the Windsor Framework. If you need specific information relating to marketing requirements, please contact your plant health inspectorate using the information in the contacts heading below or visit the FAQ section of this guidance. 

Registration and authorisation 

Registration and authorisation is a two-step process which is required for any GB authorised operator intending to use the NIPHL scheme to move goods to NI 

  1. Registration 

If you are involved in moving plants and other regulated objects professionally in GB you are already required to be registered with the correct competent authority.  

For businesses not currently registered, registration is free, and the relevant forms can be accessed following this link. 

2. Authorisation 

The authorisation process for plants for planting including seed and used forestry and agricultural machinery and vehicles is different to the seed potato process. This is because as the competent authority is responsible for issuing the NIPHL as it currently is for the SPCS. However, operators will still need to be authorised to attach NIPHL labels to seed potatoes. 

Authorisation is required annually, and any changes of circumstance should be reported to the competent authority so they can update records. There is no charge for beginning the authorisation process which requires potential operators in England and Wales to fill out a form which can be found hereFor operators based in Scotland please contact your plant health inspector using the contact details below. 

For more detail on the processes and inspections related to authorisation for the specific goods please follow the links below. 

Pre-movement and notification 

It is the GB authorised operator's responsibility to ensure the consignments meet the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) 2023/1231.  


Working with UK plant health services growers/producers can expect Growing Season Inspections (GSI)for additional genera of plantsAdditional examinations should be conducted for the pests referred to in plant health regulations depending on the genera you intend to move to NI. 

Used agricultural and forestry machinery is required to be free from soil and debris before entry into NI.  

The movement of seed potatoes using a NIPHL requires the seed lots to have been grown in accordance with the SPCS. There are additional requirements for use of the NIPHL which will be inspected for at the same time as the normal SPCS processes. These include soil surveys, GSIs and tuber inspections. If the seed potatoes meet the NI requirements a NIPHL can be attached by an authorised operator, once issued by the relevant competent authority, and moved to NI. 

For information regarding requirements related to specific pests and pathogens please see the pests and pathogen resources page. 


SPS requirements 

DAERA will conduct appropriate checks at point of entry to ensure the goods are compliant with NI biosecurity requirements. To ensure DAERA can conduct the relevant inspections and to ensure goods are not held up at the port it is important CHED-PPs are filled out correctly by the NI consignee. It is the responsibility of the GB authorised operator to provide the correct information to the NI consignee to fill out the CHED-PP for entry into NI. The CHED-PP process is familiar to many businesses and is explained in detail in the how to guide. 


Customs declarations 

Simplified customs declarations have been agreed for the movement of goods to NI. For guidance on anything related to customs declarations please visit Trading and moving goods in and out of Northern Ireland - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).  


England and Wales 

APHA CIT Plants 
Foss House 
King’s Pool 
1-2 Peasholme Green 
York  YO1 7PX 

Telephone: 0300 1000 313 


Contact by email for: 


Northern Ireland 

Contact the DAERA Plant Health Inspection Branch: 

Telephone: 0300 200 7847