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Smarter Rules for Safer Food (SRSF)

The smarter rules for safer food (SRSF) package is a set of EU regulations for the protection against animal disease and plant pests. The package will modernise, simplify and improve existing health and safety standards for the agri-food chain. It will take a risk-based approach to animal, plant and public health protection, introducing more efficient pest and disease control measures.

The package includes 3 principal EU regulations: 

  • Official Controls Regulation (EU) 2017/625: how controls across the agri-food chain will be monitored and enforced – applies from 14 December 2019
  • Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031: controls for protecting plants from disease and pests – applies from 14 December 2019
  • Animal Health Regulation (EU) 2016/429: a framework for the principles of European animal health – applies from 21 April 2021

Further information on SRSF can be found on GOV.UK

The EU Plant Health Regulation (PHR) was published on 26 October 2016 and will apply to EU member states from 14 December 2019, alongside the Official Controls Regulation.

Plant health helps agriculture and forestry sectors remain sustainable and competitive, as well as protecting domestic biodiversity and ecosystems. Globalised trade and climate change now present a greater risk to these sectors. The new EU PHR sets out controls and restrictions that will apply to imports and internal movement of certain plants, plant pests, and other materials like soil, to help reduce these risks.

The SRSF package revises and improves the current EU plant health legislation. This will protect domestic agriculture, horticulture, forestry, parks, gardens and the environment by preventing the entry of harmful plant pests and diseases.

Some of the areas changing include extending the scope and changing the format of plant passporting.

The following pack provides an introduction to the new content and format of the plant passport and to what a plant passport should be attached.

Cross-cutting SRSF Guides

Guidance for Plant Passports

Guidance for Importing from 3rd countries