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UK Passport Templates

UK Passport Templates:

Download the templates here.

How to use these templates:

•You may fill in the blanks by hand, please state these in capital letters to ensure legibility. You can also print onto the blank spaces.
•Part A: The botanical name(s) of the plants concerned.
•Part B: Your unique registration number.
•Part C: Traceability code.
•Part D: Country of Origin.
•Part E: GB(NI) if applicable (for further information see Section 5 of the Post Transition Period & Plant Passports Factsheet)
•Barcodes or QR codes are optional
•For Pest Free Area (PFA) Plant Passports, remember to add in the EPPO code or scientific name of the relevant pest below the words ‘UK Plant Passport’. More detail on PFAs are available on GOV.UK.
•A detailed factsheet is available on the Post Transition Period guidance page of the Plant Health portal.