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BETA Your feedback will help us improve the UK Plant Health Information Portal

Exports Overview

Export plants and plant products to the EU

When you export regulated plants and plant products from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland to other countries, you need to:

  • check if your plants need a phytosanitary certificate (PC) by contacting the plant health authority in the destination country (if you cannot find details on the IPPC website or are unsure of the requirements, contact your UK plant health authority or inspector if you know them)
  • check if your plants need laboratory testing of samples to make sure they’re free from pests and diseases or for growing season inspections - contact your local plant health inspector
  • apply for a PC from the relevant UK plant health authority before export
  • register as a professional operator, if you have not already done so.

To export regulated plants and plant products to the EU, the Export Narrative will guide you through all the steps you will need to take from start to finish.

Any consignment exported to the EU can now have phytosanitary information submitted electronically through the EU’s TRACES NT platform. More information is available here, but there is no need to change any of your processes.

This exports guide shows the different export regulations for plants, plant produce and other regulated objects which are subject to phytosanitary control, including what products will and will not require a PC.

If you are exporting regulated plants and plant products to the EU and are unsure of the special requirements, this guidance outlines the steps you need to take.  

If you are moving goods to Northern Ireland (NI) from Great Britain (GB), please find further guidance on the Northern Ireland page.  

To make an export application you will have to use the current IT system, eDomero. In 2021 you will be directed to use the new system, Plant Health Export Service (PHES). Guidance on how to use these systems and more information is available on the IT Systems page.

If you have growing media attached to, or associated with, plants you are exporting, there are EU third country import requirements which you will need to meet.  

There are certain species of plants and live pollen which are prohibited when exporting to the EU protected zones of fireblight. The full list can be found on this page.  

If you are exporting Ware potatoes or Narcissus bulbs, there are special requirements you will need to meet.  

Along with the above phytosanitary information, please take a look at the Marketing Standards narrative map to make sure you know what to do at each step in the process.